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Solutions Unlimited is dedicated to reduce Co2, Conducting Energy Audits like Electrical, Thermal, Water and power Quality.

Renewable Energy Solutions from industries to Office to Home.

Reduce Operational Costs

Measure, Minimize and Offset Your Carbon Footprint Today.


Solutions Unlimited is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company dealing with all type of Energy related assignments. The company has team of experts of Energy Auditors both Accredited as well certified energy Auditors from BEE. Till date Company has successfully completed  648 energy audit and energy  related assignments including Consultancy in Renewable Energy, preparation of detailed RFQ for engagement of  agency for taking assignments of energy audit  of UNDP sponsored projects, investment grade Energy Audits, Safety Audits, PAT Verification, Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) Compliance audit of REC  Certificate . Compliance audit assignments already undertaken by the company are Solar PV based power plant (Rajasthan), Wind mill  (Tamil Nadu & Gujarat), Bio-mass based power plant  (Bihar) and Co-generation  plant (Orissa).

Company has completed energy audit in almost  all sectors of Industry and Commercial Establishments including  re melting furnaces , Metal forging, printing, automobile parts, paints, leather, textile , paper Industry, wire and Cable manufacturing, food processing , Heavy machines, fertilizer, Power Generation, Hotels, Hospitals, sponge Iron, Sheet metal,  metal pipes, Sugar, Rice  and flour mills, schools, colleges & Office Buildings and  various sections of Railways including hospitals, clubs, water pumping, substations, railway stations, platforms, etc.

  • Our solution for maximum Energy Efficiency & Management
  • Our solution to Reduce /Re-USE / Re-Cycle (RRR Methodology)
  • Our Methodology for Energy Efficient / Greener& Safer Factory/Homes/Office
    • Audits & Analysis
    • Identifying optimization potential realized.
    • Implementation phase
    • Sustainability phase
  • Our solution for sustainable Design Audits & Implementations
    • Our solution for Green Building Services - IGBC & GRIHA rating
    • MEP Solutions for Greener Buildings, Homes & Factories.

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